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BDSM Background Information

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A Note from the author:

As a result of the increasing number of free - usually well meant - BDSM sites, chat facilities and mailing lists on the Internet, the quality of solid BDSM-safety information is decreasing rapidly, mainly due to the fact that people quite often repeat what others write, without properly testing or researching, if the information provided has any bearing. The POWERotics Foundation ( is committed to providing accurate information about BDSM and has been doing so for the past decade. The article below covers some of the most widely spread myths about BDSM safety: the myths as well as the real facts and solutions. All these subjects cover very basic, common, frequently occurring safety situations - the ones most BDSM-people will encounter once or more often. You may use this article free of copyrights, provided you quote the source of it (POWERotics Foundation/UrbanKink -

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