About the Garden

In The Garden, we, as Dominants, submissives, Masters, slaves, switches, Tops, bottoms, and kinky folk explore the lifestyle of D/s, the concept of power exchange, and the BDSM fetishes that may be involved in the personal pleasures of those involved in the Lifestyle. The Garden provides a sanctuary for those wishing to learn, to nurture their personal growth, and to fulfill their interests in BDSM and the lifestyle of Domination and submission. In discussion with others about the lifestyle, experiences and ideas, we learn from each other, furthering our own growth within the lifestyle.

The Garden, is an online resource and community created by melting pot of people from around the world. Although we come from different cultures, classes, and backgrounds, we are joined together in the common pursuit of self-discovery and self-betterment through mutual education and support within the lifestyle sects of BDSM, Domination/submission, Master/slave, and Gor. Through essays, real time discussion and posting forums, it is possible to create an environment to stimulate an exploration of the many facets of D/s, whether it be physical, mental, spiritual, sexual or otherwise. No matter how far one's journey has taken them, or which direction it is traveling, each experience is of value for those wishing to travel their chosen path through BDSM.

It is our goal to promote, teach, and share the philosophies and techniques associated with the various aspects of the D/s lifestyle, as well as to foster solidarity among the members of our community. The ideas we espouse are intended to serve as an introduction and guide for those looking for answers concerning an alternative lifestyle and choices in recreation. Therefore, we offer what we can; but it is up to the individual to accept or respectfully reject what we offer and continue their journey as needed, knowing that there is no one true way to do BDSM, not even ours.

In providing this sanctuary for Dominants and submissives (and any seeking a different lifestyle path), The Garden has evolved significantly; and the term "growing pains" well describes the slow but steady evolution of this site and its members. Evolution has seen The Garden change in leadership, design, and content, but always in respectful, caring hands of the many previous owners and caretakers.  The membership's governing system has evolved, as well. Currently, there is a single Owner of The Garden and several Administrators to assist. In keeping with the nature of the D/s lifestyle, The Garden is not a democracy, rather an oligarchy of Administrators and Caretakers.

The website is a part of a network based around TheMasque.net and has associated Facebook, Yahoo Group, LiveJournal,  and Twitter pages that support The Masque, The WIKtT Archives, and Goddess Masks, the other associated websites. All sites and support pages are owned and operated by Benevolent Goddess, assisted by several capable and respected Dominant, submissive, and vanilla Admins throughout the network.


Sincere, knowledgeable, and respectful Dominants, submissives, Masters, slaves, Tops, bottoms, switches, and kinky friends are the trees and flowers in our Garden, but they are also the firm and secure foundation upon which The Garden rests.

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