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Aftercare According to Sid by Call Me Sid Conservative
Aftercare for Tops and bottoms and the conditions both are offered and accepted...
Advice to New Masters by The Gorean World Conservative
Advice in the form of a quotation.
Not All Spankings are Created Equal by ArkhamInsanity Conservative
A discussion on the different types of spankings
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Where to begin.

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Sex, philosophy, and getting around the BDSM community

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The art, science, and heart of control.

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The how and why of yielding and the soul of surrender.

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How to safely do that thing that sounds fun and kinky.

On and Off Gor On and Off Gor [101]

About Norman's Chronicles of Counter Earth.

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The curious ways of D/s in internet based relationships.

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Stories, art, and poetry shared by our members.

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Old and New Guard Slave Positions by theresa_BM Conservative
Taken from the Old Guard and adapted to the New Guard
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Buona sera y benvenuto

Through a door in the Courtesan's palazzo Attic, is a rare rooftop garden in Venice. High walls prevent the city's carnevale patrons from viewing the flowers gracing the hidden bounty of the lush garden, but those that dare to visit the Courtesan's home are always welcome to wander the tiny paths and revel in the beauty of every flower and thorn. In The Garden, guests learn and share the ideas and realities of pain mixed with pleasure and a moment or lifetime of consensual service.

The elements of power exchange first engage the concept of human's personal power. We are born with this power, developing it as we mature, and use it to function in daily life. We use it to make decisions about our personal lives, business, and interactions with others; it is the element of control that we, have over our lives and everything surrounding us. In BDSM and in a D/s relationship, some or all of one individual's (the submissive or slave's) personal power is voluntarily given, through negotiation, to another person (the Dominant), in exchange for the fulfillment of certain requirements. In a scene, the bottom yields control or power to the Top through and for the same means. "The depth of power yielded by the submissive is equal to the level of responsibility assumed by the dominant." 1

Many myths surrounding BDSM and Domination and submission. One long-lived myth that one party is being abused by someone in some kind of authority. The Garden and the majority of lifestyle participants do not espouse or condone abuse in any way and insist that every journey, activity and relationship be safe, sane, and consensual in every way. We reject bullies and abusers. Other myths include the idea that every interaction involves "whips and chains" and involve "masters and slaves". This is far from the truth, yet very close to it. While a certain amount of bondage and erotic pain may be involved in the sensual aspect of a Dominant/submissive relationship, it is not always included in the choices made by a couple; they alone decide on what happens in their personal dynamic. Also, not all bottoms are submissive, not all submissives are slaves, just as not every top is Dominant, and not every Dominant is a Master. The couple decides on the depth of the power exchange. As in relationships that do not include BDSM, the couple alone decides on the rules of the relationship and every couple is different. "There is no right or wrong way to do BDSM."2 Join us in reading and sharing our thoughts through our archived writing, forums, and support pages. Ask questions, and with us, learn about how and why we do what we do but please remember that while learning and starting online can be wonderful, one on one, offline experience is the best, most fulfilling teacher.

1 Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns: The Romance and Sexual Sorcery of Sadomasochism, Miller and Devon, Mystic Rose Books,1995, p. 235
2 The Loving Dominant, John Warren, ed.2, Greenery Press, 2000. p. 15

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The Garden is an online resource community to educate those already practicing or wishing to learn the art and lifestyle of Domination and submission in their various forms and practices. Join us in reading and sharing through our growing collection of essays, definitions, and BDSM Munch-style chat. Ask questions, and with us, learn about how and why we do what we do but remember that while learning...

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We wish you happy and blessed holidays and to assure you that we'll be here for your Kinkmas needs.

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I have shuffled a few categories up to be a bit more precise. I moved things around in Dominance, Submission, and How-To. Please explore and let me know if they make sense.

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Our Mission Statement by Admin Conservative
Our Mission Statement

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Giving The Silent Treatment. 

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If he sounds too perfect online, ask some questions. 

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Need and trust in D/s.

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Why are people into spanking?

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All we ever hear about are shitty Doms, fake Doms, predatory Doms. There are some pretty crummy subs out there, too.

MRC by mxponysyn Conservative
MRC as a safety anagram.

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"What are some good questions to ask a prospective Dom to help spot the fakes and the predators?"    

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Leadership means... that you lead.    

The Best Punishment by theimperfetc Conservative
A Dom explains his favorite form of punishment for a submissive. 

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How D/s relationships deal with that pesky thing called "the real world."    

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Spotting a Narcissist

On Spankings by dinodaddy Conservative
A little about giving spankings

In Cases of Punishment by theimperfetc Conservative
A question about guilt from disappointment versus punishment

Humiliation and Degradation by A Traditional Man Conservative
In my estimation humiliation and degradation are purposeful.

How to soothe a submissive's anxiety attacks. by instructor144 Conservative
How to soothe a submissive's anxiety attacks.    

How to Perform Fellatio by A Traditional Man Conservative
Quick instructions on giving head.

Things to make your sub feel owned. by Author Unknown Conservative
How to make your slave feel owned.

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